Founder - Arielle Morimoto

Graduated in Bachelor of Science and Technology in 2013 from the Federal University of São Paulo, Arielle has always had a passion for mathematics, environment and beauty. His inspiration to create the "Arielle Morimoto Cosmetics" was the Fibonacci Sequence, where he finds himself in various aspects of nature: plants, shells, human anatomy and even the formation of galaxies. Through the passion for science, animals and the motivation to create more natural products possible, Arielle was motivated by her diagnosis of psoriasis (non-contagious autoimmune disease) that causes skin scaling and eczemas. The difficult demand for cosmetics that did not worsen its condition was the main fuel to develop the brand's products.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive but thrive, and to do it with passion, compassion, humor, and style."
Maya Angelou

Unique beauty

Today, the beauty industry, unfortunately, imposes the search for symmetrical perfection and certain patterns of beauty that can interfere with our self-esteem. Our aim is to highlight the beauty that each one has in his individuality, as well as the DNA that differentiates us in the most impressive way that exists. Our logo is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and by the name Morimoto, which in Japanese means 'base of the forest'. The union of these two concepts represents the science provided by nature, technology and sustainability that the future values.

Just as we want to highlight our beauty and elevate self-esteem, the brand is based on the aspects we find in nature, just as we find the mathematical patterns in it. And finally, some questions:

  • How can we represent individual beauty with security?
  • What is the best way to provide quality and intensity in the products we apply to our skin every day?

Our values

Using natural ingredients and organic farming that nature provides us, our formulas are devoid of ingredients that could be harmful to health such as:

➡ parabenos
➡ ftalatos
➡ triclosan
➡ laurel sulfato de sódio
➡ glúten

Besides having as base in the formulations:
✓ 100% natural ingredients except when using synthetic pigments *
✓ free from cruelty and animal by-products
✓ organic farming ingredients
*Our synthetic / inorganic pigments have been selected for two reasons: firstly, they are safe from the best raw material suppliers in Europe and tested for contamination of heavy metals in accordance with world legislation. Thus, we can provide vibrant colors that we would not achieve with natural pigments. In addition, as an alternative to not using pigments derived from animals, our mission is always to follow natural and vegan alternatives, having science, safety and sustainability in favor of nature. Our ideal is to grow as a brand of cosmetics that reaches all audiences.